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Travel Consulting in a Dynamically Changing Environment

In the Travel Industry the ultimate goal of selling is to build a client for life. We can build clients for life as long as we know how to build relationships while selling. Relationships can be built in an instant or over time because it’s all about creating those moments of truth when loyalties are established. It’s about the customer’s perception of us in our entirety: our solutions (features) and our services (benefits) and our advantages (value proposition). It’s not simply about selling our products but about providing solutions in a manner that works for the client. A life long customer returns again and again not because of “what” we offer but “how” we offer it.

In this brief 60 minute session Tara Gupta will discuss the 3 steps of The Travel Consulting Method with clearly defined objectives for each step, all leading towards the ultimate goal of helping the client make a buying decision while building a client for life! She will talk about how to highlight your value as a Consultant throughout the interaction so the client can see the advantages of doing business “with you, the professional Travel Consultant”. She will lead you through to the last step as you strengthen the foundation of a life-long relationship with the client.

Tara Gupta, President of Comprehensive Training Solutions’, vision is to continuously raise the bar of knowledge, sales skills and abilities of Travel professionals in a dynamically changing environment where prospective clients recognize the true value of their services. She believes that a Travel Professional works on behalf of the client and is responsible for the time and money the client invests on their vacation. As a trainer, Tara’s goal is to train Travel Professionals to build life-long client relationships by providing them sales skills with tactical techniques, scalable tools which produce results and processes that increase efficiency! Her training sessions provide more fun, more knowledge, more abilities and more creativity in doing their jobs so they can exceed goals and WOW the customer at every interaction!


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