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Helping a Client Make a Buying Decision

Have you ever been approached by a client who asks you to check on prices and availability of several hotels/packages before he can make up his mind as to which one he really wants? Is he a shopper or a buyer? How can we be sure?

As a Travel Consultant/Professional how do you handle this situation? You can’t possibly spend hours of your time on research and price comparisons only to find out that the client is not ready to commit to any of the options you presented. How do you politely offer to research on just 2 or 3 options without seeming unhelpful? So, what do you do? In this highly interactive 90 minute session, Tara shares her sure-fire techniques for:

  • Uncovering the need behind this request

  • Helping a client make a buying decision

  • Ensuring that the client buys from you and not your competition

  • Demonstrating your expertise, your knowledge and your exemplary service

  • Gaining knowledge and skills needed to “Help a client make a buying decision”

This session is highly effective for Travel Professionals who want to reduce the time they spend on research, price comparisons, checking availability and writing proposals for clients who need all the facts and details about several options before they commit to buying from you.


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