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Build a Client for Life

In this day of unlimited information, as Travel Consultants how do we ensure that we build “customers” and not “sales”? Building customers (not sales) ensures higher revenue, repeat business, less expenditure on marketing and advertising and less stress about making goals during tough times. In this session, Tara shares techniques on how to build customers by being a “personal Travel Consultant” so that customers ask for us by name. She shares insights on:

  • What brings the customers into our offices?

  • How do we come across to the first time customer?

  • What do customers of “today” need from a Travel Consultant?

  • What do we need to do so clients see ongoing and long term value in us, as professional Travel Consultants?

  • How do we build, maintain and strengthen this client-consultant relationship so they remain loyal to us?

In this session, Tara explores how our first interaction with prospective clients often gets in the way of making a sale and building clients for life! As sales professionals, our contact list or Book of Business, developed through all our daily work of prospecting, marketing, networking and personal interaction, is one of the most important and valuable assets we have. That’s why every effort to build it is an investment in our business. As Travel Consultants, we know that no matter how much the Travel Industry changes or the Internet evolves, we can never be irrelevant. However, in an age where client loyalty is diminishing, Tara discusses the dire need for Travel Consultants to use client centered techniques which focus on earning the customers business for always and not just as a one-time event.

Tara Gupta, President of Comprehensive Training Solutions’, vision is to constantly raise the bar of knowledge, skills and abilities of Travel professionals in a dynamically changing environment where prospective clients recognize the true value of their services. She believes that a Travel Professional works on behalf of the client and is responsible for the time and money the client invests on their vacation. As a trainer, Tara’s goal is to train Travel Professionals to build life long client relationships by providing them more fun, more knowledge, more skills, more abilities and more creativity in doing their jobs so they can exceed goals and WOW the customer at every interaction!


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