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Providing an Environment for Optimal Employee Performance and Developmen

Maximizing the potential of an employee is more than just “Training”! Employee Engagement is what drives the profitability of a business. Tara Gupta, President of Comprehensive Training Solutions, will share her insights on strategies for keeping employees engaged in their jobs and with the organization.

She will discuss how to win the hearts, minds and futures of the employees so you can stand back and reap the rewards of a diverse workforce that is self-motivated and explodes with innovation. According to experts, the average adult may be using only 10% of his or her potential at all times. Employees can be energized to the challenge of earning their salaries and rewards. They will want to learn new skills and take on additional responsibilities so they can earn the salaries they want. They will want to be engaged and improve performance so they can earn the rewards they covet. She will share how to maximize the potential of every employee so they want to do more, know more and produce more.

This fast paced session is filled with tactical ideas on how small and large organizations can reduce turnover, retain talent, slash ongoing costs for recruiting, training and development while creating and sustaining a rich, motivating environment where people are motivated to contribute.


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